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Fascia Blasting

First let's begin with “what is fascia?” Fascia, also known as connective tissue, is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ.   Fascia runs through every structure of the human body, when the fascia becomes tight it can close joints, create tension, impede nerves and restrict blood.  Often times “unhealthy” fascia can be the culprit of many different pains in the body. The FasciaBlaster breaks through the fascia (connective tissue) and restores it, many times leaving the body pain free!  I have seen first hand how amazing and life changing this tool has been with my clients!

Using the FasciaBlaster for cellulite

When fascia becomes tight or adhered it often creates the look of cellulite by trapping the fat and pushing up through the fascia creating uneven skin texture. When using the FasciaBlaster, it helps to smooth out the skin and diminishes the look of cellulite!

Client Reviews

Best massages EVER - I drive 90 minutes for her masterful massages! Meredith has magic hands (and elbows and feet!) that find and cure every knot. And the space is meticulously clean and so relaxing! I specifically found Body Alchemy Wellness for FasciaBlasting, a fascia manipulation tool that I swear by. Meredith’s knowledge of anatomy took the body transformation benefits to a whole new level!

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60 Minute Fascia Blasting session $115

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