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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Today is the first of (hopefully) many videos I’m sharing to talk about a specific muscle or group of muscles – what each muscle does, why it becomes tight and how we can self massage it at home to help ease some tension. Let’s call it “Muscle Monday” or “Massage Monday” !? Still working on it.. So dun dun dunnnn Today is the suboccipital muscles These smaller guys are located right at the base of the skull, and are responsible for extending and rotating your head. They can get tight and cranky due to bad posture (looking down at phone , computer , reading etc) Tightness can lead to tension headaches that typically comes up and around the back of your head to the forehead- also pain around temple and jaw. There is a nerve on each side of the spine called the occipital nerves, and when the fascia and muscles entrap it- that can cause the headaches. They are one of my FAVORITE muscles to give and get massaged. I always find so many trigger points that need to be released and it feels SOOO GOOD! So all you’ll need is 2 tennis balls and sock ! Head over to YouTube to watch the full video- link below Enjoy the video!

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