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At 22 I was at a point in my life where I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with "the rest of my life". I enrolled in massage school after never even having a massage (HA!) - I was just told I had good hands from a friend who was a massage therapist, and that was good enough reason for me to try this new venture. I graduated in June of 2007 and gave birth to my son in August. I worked for various different acupuncturists and chiropractors providing massage therapy- while also driving a school bus, waitressing, barista- you name it! My focus was my son and I wanted to spend as much time of his younger years with him. It wasn't until I was doing laser hair removal in 2015 that I decided I wanted to take my massage journey to the next level with starting my own business. I started out the business providing Cavi-Lipo and Massage Therapy- but it has flourished so much in these last years! While I started this new career without having any real life experience or knowledge of it, it has grown into something I absolutely love and have such passion for. I feel so grateful that this path found me.


In 2019 I started having severe pain in my lower left abdomen during my menstrual cycle. Every month the pain would worsen, so much so that I took myself to the ER. After finding nothing I was told to follow up with my GYN. She suggested this is normal for someone in mid 30's and to go on birth control. I intuitively knew that wasn't the answer. After complaining to a friend she suggested I try a colonic, because in her words "I never felt as good in my life as I did when I was getting regular colonics". That was good enough for me and at that point I would've tried anything to make the pain go away. I received my first colonic and felt a knowing that this would help me, I left my appointment feeling lighter, clearer and hopeful. If nothing else I felt amazing and was already looking forward to my next treatment. I went home that night and looked into training for this new therapy I discovered and booked my training down in Florida at the Wood Hygienic Institute. (I'm a bit impulsive!) Within that month between periods I had 2 colonics, and my period pain was about 85% better! I was stoked and would tell anyone that would listen.(I still do) Since then I have come to learn about the dozens of ways colonics help regulate the body- from digestive disorders to skin issues to allergies to yes, period pain! 


It wasn't until 2021 where I really took a deep dive into the lymphatic system and all the ways a stagnant lymph system negatively affects the body. This wasn't talked about much in massage school or apparently much in many medical training settings, even though a healthy lymph system is truly crucial for full body health. So after some training and research I purchased the XP2 machine to be able to most efficiently help my clients using Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. 


I absolutely love being able to offer these healing modalities to my clients and be a part of their healing journey! 




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