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Face Massage?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Its Monday! (although do weekends even exist anymore?) Its the second week of “Massage Monday” and today we are talking about the face! There are 43 muscles in just the face alone-and they can use some love too when it comes time for your massage. I always ask clients if they want their face worked on during their massage- and I’ve had more than a few tell me they never even had anyone ask if they wanted their face included! Whaaat?! Face massage has so many benefits that go above just feeling delightful. Some benefits of face massage include:

  • TMJ Disorder relief

  • Relieves Sinus Pressure

  • Eases tension in the face (sometimes that we don’t even realize we are holding) that can lead to TMJ pain

  • Aids in Lymphatic Drainage

  • Headache Relief

  • Natural Face Lift!

So maybe next time your Massage Therapist asks if you want your face massaged, say YES! Until then, try this face massage tutorial below that you can do yourself- you’ll just need your hands and a plant based oil (I recommend Rose Hip Seed Oil, you can find that here ). I recommend doing this every night before bed or in the morning to start your day! Enjoy!

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