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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite, the ever so annoying dimpling of the skin. It usually doesn’t discriminate with women (with men it does, but ill explain that in a bit). Women of all different shapes and sizes get this “cottage cheese” on their skin and typically as we get older, it seems to get worse. So why is that? Why does it seem like men don’t get to experience this “orange peel” skin like women do?

So what is Cellulite?

Cellulite is what happens when fat becomes herniated between fibrous connective tissue called Septae. Septae is what connects the fat to the skin, and over time as we age the Septae becomes rigid, thus allowing fat cells to bulge and create the look of cellulite. Unfortunately, it worsens with age as the Septae becomes more rigid and our fat cells store extra toxins that our body hasn’t flushed out through sweating and various bodily systems. Take a look at the diagram to get a better visual

Where does Cellulite occur?

Cellulite typically occurs in thighs of women, although some women see it in their arms as well as lower abdomen.

Why do men never seem worried about cellulite?

Great question! With women, not only do we have less supportive connective tissue than men, but the Septae fibers actually run straight up and down to the skin, so when it becomes rigid, it creates the pulling therefore creating the look of cellulite. With men however their Septae fibers run more in an X pattern, so they have very minimal pulling of the skin and therefore, no dimpling.

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Does a poor lifestyle contribute to cellulite?

Well, yes..sort of. While eating all the right things, getting enough exercise, drinking enough water, etc. might not make your skin perfectly smooth, eating nothing but a poor diet with no exercise, smoking and or drinking too much will only make cellulite worse (not to mention its just unhealthy). You definitely want to keep an exercise routine to tone and firm the muscles which will then tighten the skin. Also-those super tight underwear and bras? You might want to rethink those also. Tight fitting elastic bands can cut off circulation and limit blood flow.. ditch your underwire bras and tight underwear for something less restrictive.

Am I stuck with the dimples forever?

While cellulite does typically get worse with age, thanks to our bodies producing less estrogen, which means poorer circulation.. there are still things that can be done to lessen the appearance! Here at Body Alchemy we offer Cellulite Massage Treatments which loosens and softens the connective tissue so it isn’t as rigid as well as softens the fat tissue. We also offer Cavi Lipo, a treatment that breaks up fat cells using Ultrasound Cavitation. Lastly we offer FasciaBlaster treatments, which is similar to the cellulite massage in that it breaks up fascial adhesions. All of these treatments are meant as a compliment to an already healthy diet and exercise routine. Depending on what your goals are, we can discuss the various options and what works best for you! Give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation today! 732-693-6815

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