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Thermography is a non-invasive, radiation-free and contactless alternative to health assessments.


What is Thermography?


Your well-being begins with understanding what's going on inside."

Ever heard of thermography? It's like having a peek inside your body using cool infrared images called thermograms. No need for anything invasive – just capturing the heat your body gives off. We use a fancy medical infrared camera to do this, and a certified pro, a.k.a. a thermologist, helps interpret the results.

Why do people love thermography? Well, it's super-friendly – no poking or prodding, and zero exposure to radiation. Think of it as a holistic buddy on your wellness journey, offering a proactive peek at your overall health. Plus, it's a champ at spotting potential issues early on, like diseases, cancers, or inflammation. So, let's keep it simple and keep you feeling great from the inside out!


Full Body Thermography

Thermography extends beyond breast health. Body Alchemy Wellness offers services designed to cater to individuals seeking proactive health monitoring across various anatomical regions.

Breast thermography is a pivotal tool for early detection and monitoring. For a more comprehensive assessment, our Torso thermography encompasses imaging of the head, neck, breast, abdomen, and the front/back of the torso. For those seeking a thorough evaluation, our Full Body thermography provides a holistic examination of the entire body, offering valuable insights into thermal patterns and potential health indicators.



$ 495/session

This thermal imaging series includes the head and neck, thyroid region, breast (chest for male) abdomen and upper and lower back and all extremities. Optional testicular screening for males. 29 images


$ 395/session

This thermal imaging series includes arms front and back, abdomen front and back, breasts, neck and head and thyroid region. 18 images


$ 295/session

This thermal imaging series includes anterior, oblique, lateral and inferior views of the chest, breast, and axillary regions. 6 images

Breast Thermography


Breast Thermography is a non-invasive and painless way to screen for breast cancer without radiation or compression of the breast. It uses state of the art medical infrared technology to assess heat in the breast. Comparative exams create a baseline for monitoring breast health based on individual thermal patterns and changes.

Scientists use infrared technology in most aspects of modern science including weather, space programs, military, espionage, and other applications.  In these areas thermography is a 100% reliable tool for assessment to be used along with other technologies.

In the realm of breast thermography, the focus is on identifying heat patterns in the breast that could be indicative of pathology. Tumor growth typically results in increased vascular patterns, which can be detected using advanced infrared cameras. Thermography aims to establish a baseline for overall breast health and wellness.

bc-29992-300x149 (1).png

The image on the left is of a patient with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma that was not found on mammography months prior.  This image shows the progression in to the lymph system and adjacent musculature.


How Does Thermography Work?

Modern Thermologists use digital cameras that record infrared radiation emitted by the human body and convert them into temperature readings and plot them on a computer screen.  Thermologist’s are then able to identify areas of hot and cold in relation to the opposite side of the body.  Areas with decreased blood flow will have colder temperature readings and areas of increased blood flow will have warmer temperature readings.

Breast tumors and some other tumors are able to found on thermal imaging through the process known as Angioneogenesis, the formation of new blood vessel that supply nutrients to a tumor.  This asymmetric increase in blood flow creates an increase in temperature that can be picked up by medical thermal cameras. Many times this blood supply increases over time as a tumor grows and is an important part of baseline studies and the ability for them to identify a tumor at the earliest possible moment.


Breast Thermography, cleared by the FDA, provides a supportive role in the detection of breast cancer, enhancing your overall health strategy. What makes Breast Thermography an attractive choice?


Why Opt for Breast Thermography?


It prioritizes your safety: Thermography is a 100% safe method to use.

Offers a radiation-free approach: No radiation is involved in the process, giving you peace of mind.

Maintains your comfort: The process is contact-free and compression-free, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Convenience is key: The procedure is straightforward, making it a convenient addition to your health routine.

Inclusive of All Women: Thermography is a versatile tool that can be utilized irrespective of breast density or the presence of implants, making it an accessible option for all women.

Helps establish a personalized health baseline: With thermography, an individualized baseline of your breast health can be established.

Available to younger women: It serves as an effective supplemental tool for women under 40, who often aren’t included in current breast cancer screening guidelines.

Based on extensive research: With over 30 years of research and 800 peer-reviewed articles, the technique is backed by extensive scientific evidence.


What Else Can Thermography Detect?


Breast Thermography is a versatile tool, offering insights into a variety of physiological aspects beyond breast health. It measures skin surface temperature and can play a part in detecting and monitoring:


Breast Health: By establishing a baseline and identifying any temperature changes over time.

Breast Cancer: It plays a supporting role in the detection process, used in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures.

Thyroid Pathology: Thermography may provide supportive information regarding thyroid health.

Cerebrovascular Health: It can highlight potential issues related to blood flow in the brain.

Nerve Pathology: Abnormalities related to nerve function might be suggested through thermography.

Inflammation: By identifying areas of heat, it may indicate sites of inflammation in the body.

Infection: Temperature patterns may help identify areas of potential infection.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease: Thermography can monitor changes over time.

Vascular Disease: It might be beneficial in recognizing signs related to vascular health.

Lymphatic Stagnation: It may assist in identifying potential lymphatic congestion.

Alterations in Skin Surface Temperature: Any changes can be monitored and used to inform further investigations.


It’s important to note that while thermography provides valuable adjunctive data, it is not a standalone diagnostic tool for these conditions. Its strength lies in complementing other tests and procedures as part of a holistic health assessment approach. Always consult your healthcare provider for comprehensive examinations and interpretations of your thermography results.


Client Reviews

Best massages EVER - I drive 90 minutes for her masterful massages! Meredith has magic hands (and elbows and feet!) that find and cure every knot. And the space is meticulously clean and so relaxing! I specifically found Body Alchemy Wellness for FasciaBlasting, a fascia manipulation tool that I swear by. Meredith’s knowledge of anatomy took the body transformation benefits to a whole new level!

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Do I need a referral from a doctor to get an appointment?

No. You may book an appointment directly with one of our centers.

How long does a scan take to perform?

Approximately 20-30 minutes. Plan on being at our center for 45 minutes.

How long does it take to get the results?

We pride ourselves with prompt turnaround. In most cases, our Board Certified Thermographers will have the results back to your center in 1 week or less. We have 3 interpreters viewing your images for optimal reporting.

Is Thermography covered by insurance?

Not at this time. Keep in mind, cutting edge technology is not covered in most fields of medicine. Our centers charge a nominal fee for this technology despite the high cost of the equipment and the cost of running a center. Insurance coverage should not keep you away. Think of all of the other less important things we spend our money on!

Do I need to get a mammogram?

That is between you and your primary physician. Thermography is an adjunctive procedure that offers extra information and can be combined with other testing.

What do I do if a Thermogram is positive?

Take appropriate action and be sure to follow-up as recommended by our doctors and yours. Many times we are able to pick up cancerous changes before other standard tests, which provides the ability to act swiftly and appropriately. For example, thyroid heat may be found long before a blood test will show signs of thyroid dysfunction. It is well advised to work with a doctor familiar with thermal imaging and its life saving ability. We have doctors available for consultation through PACT.

Should I get a full body scan?

About 90% of our patients nationwide have a full body or profile done at the time of exam. We have a 97% patient satisfaction rate based on recent surveys. The information not only shows areas of dysfunction, but may show if your personal wellness plan is working.

What do I do if my Doctor discredits the results?

Please help educate your doctor. Even the “best doctors” think inside their guidelines and frequently reject new ideas and technology. Chances are they are misinformed, or not informed at all. Share information with them that you can download from this site. After all these very studies come from well respected medical journals.

How often will I need a thermogram?

Your initial scan will dictate what follow-up is necessary. With no suspicious findings, most follow-up recommendations will be 12 months. Scans that warrant monitoring typically will be 3-6 months. If you are using thermography to monitor your overall health then it is a good idea to be tested quarterly until your health is stable. Annual wellness checks are recommended.

Are there many false positives with thermal imaging?

The purpose of the thermographic evaluation is to show areas of hot and cold in the body. Thermography is greater than 99% accurate for this purpose. Therefore, we can say there are no false positives with thermal imaging. Heat can be present due to many factors. There is no such thing as “normal” inflammation in the body. This is due to a pathological process or injury.

Who Interprets BTI Medical Thermography Images?

Board Certified Physicians interpret thermography images.  Breast Thermography International relies on the advanced training and certification through certification through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. Our thermography interpreters have over 40 years of experience in medical thermography.  Every image is analyzed by three levels of interpreters with varying degrees of expertise.

How Do I Receive My Results?

A complete assessment of your skin surface temperature measurements will be compiled in a multi-page report after our medical thermology team has completed their in-depth work.  Reports will be issued in a digital format so you may enjoy the high resolution images on your favorite digital device. You will see various measurements and comments based on your findings that will need to be investigated by a physician.  Medical Thermology reports are easy to understand by your doctor as their training in physiology and anatomy is extensive.  If they need help understanding our team of doctors are always willing to lend a hand. A baseline study is usually needed so that future comparisons can be analyzed.

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